3 Reasons Why Ready to Ship Cabinets are Growing in Popularity

More homeowners are choosing ready to ship cabinets for their home remodeling. At one point, a study by official United States sources found that most homeowners that upgraded their cabinets opted for semi-custom or custom designs. However, that is all changing. Here are three reasons why ready to ship cabinets are becoming the most popular choice.

1. Affordability

Budget-conscious homeowners are finding out how affordable ready to ship cabinets can be. These cabinets come at a great price point, and you do not have to sacrifice quality. Ready to ship cabinets are high-quality cabinets that will stay within the budget. Staying within budget is important for many homeowners, and this cabinet choice is an easy way to stay within budget. Savings without sacrifice is driving the popularity of this cabinet option.

2. Customizable

Many homeowners are finding out that “ready to ship” does not mean you cannot customize the cabinets to fit your home’s style. There is a range of styles and colors to choose from that can deliver a custom look without the custom price tag. With this cabinet option, you can choose the configuration and color you want. It is hard to beat the value of these cabinets.

3. Accessibilty

Homeowners in the middle of a remodel do not want to wait for weeks or months to install their cabinets. Custom cabinets can take a long time to build and install. Ready to ship cabinets are ready to ship right now. That means you can install the cabinets sooner and complete the project faster. With this cabinet option, homeowners do not run into delays as they do with custom-built cabinetry. It is a time saver. Saving time, money, and stress makes these cabinets a very popular option.

Ultimately, homeowners are turning to ready to ship cabinets for their cabinetry needs because they are ticking off all their needs and wants. They are less expensive than fully custom options, can significantly cut project time, and deliver high-quality results. Before you make your cabinet choice, be sure to check out ready to ship options. You will be surprised by the amount of value you will find with this cabinet selection. Give us a call or visit our product selection to shop for high-quality cabinets today.

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